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Before starting any web design project there are a few things that need to be in place so that things run smoothly. Below are the basic essentials you need to kickstart your project.

Any website needs a web host where you can store the website folders and files containing all website content, styles,…etc

There are plenty of hosting options with various pricing, and you can find tons or comparisons online between different hosting options but we’ll refer here to 2 of options that we usually prefer to use.

Your domain name is what people use to reach you on the internet in our case www.eguru.website , most of the times you get the domain name included in your hosting plan.

Never let anyone buys the domain name for you, it’s much better to buy it yourself with your own credit card and enter your full details yourself in order to have full control on your domain name in case anything goes wrong.

If you don’t have a domain name included in your hosting plan you can buy one at NameCheap.

Some people ask if we should only buy the .com, well it’s the most popular TLD (top level domain) but there are many new TLDs now that can be matching your business (that’s why we chose .website as our TLD)

Either you already have a website and will need creating a new website or we’ll be creating a website from scratch, content is the most important part in the website as it’ll be the foundation of your online presence.

It’s important that you have a fair idea of what content is going to be on the site. We can help by sourcing videos, and stock imagery and graphics if needed.

As each project and website is unique, we can’t set a fixed budget for the website as it’ll need some discussion with you first to understand what we are aiming to have and what’s in your mind, afterwards, we’ll be more than happy to give you our quotation and start working in case we agreed.

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However, below are some guidance prices for websites based on some of our projects to have a rough idea:

  • Simple Business website (home page / about us / services / contact page)  : €400 – €600
  • Business website (home page / about us / different services pages / contact page / gallery page / other pages ) : €600 – €1000
  • Small E-commerce website (WOOcommerce or Shopify) with around 20-30 products and essential pages : €900 – €1200
  • Big E-Commerce website (WOOcommerce or Shopify) with more than 50 products and essential + other pages : €1200+ (according to the size of the website, amount of products and pages needed)

See Our Pricing

Beside this. there are some fixed figures that you have put in mind:

  • A domain name costs on average $10/year
  • Hosting plan costs on average $40-$100/year

We offer maintenance packages to take good care of your website and do minor changes if needed at any time.

Our maintenance package is €40 /month including hosting your website on our servers, so no need to buy a separate hosting plan.

The maintenance + hosting package includes:

  • Hosting the website
  • Minor changes in the website
  • Adding new projects / pictures / videos / blog posts / testimonials 
  • Regular updates for the core platform and all the used plugins
  • Technical assistance with any website operational issues

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